Used warehouse trolley -

Used warehouse trolleys in all shapes and sizes

Do you want a cheaper alternative or is circularity your thing? highly valuated? Then choose a used warehouse trolley. Because we have our used goods in stock, you will have them at your home within a few days. At Kruizinga we have a diverse range of used warehouse trolleys.


The used range is constantly being updated and the rule is gone = gone. Our second-hand warehouse trolleys are available in various versions and are checked before they are placed online. This way you are always assured of the best quality when you buy a used warehouse trolley.



The advantages of a used warehouse truck   

Buying a used warehouse truck has a number of advantages along. For example, do you want to be environmentally conscious? Then buying a second-hand warehouse truck is the perfect solution for you! Below are a number of advantages for buying a used warehouse trolley:


  • - It is cheaper
  • - Extended lifespan, so no raw material wastage or extra waste
  • - You are working sustainably
  • - Are you collecting the warehouse trolley? Then you do not have to pay shipping costs

Because we have a wide range of used warehouse trolleys, you can choose from a diverse range of used warehouse trolleys. All of which differ in load capacity, dimensions and type.


What is a used warehouse trolley?

A used warehouse trolley is a warehouse trolley which may no longer be sold as new. This may be because the warehouse trolley has been used, but it may also be because, for example, scratches have occurred during the transport of the new warehouse trolley. A used warehouse trolley does not always have to have been in use.

Can you also rent a warehouse trolley?

Warehouse trolleys are currently not for rent. You can, however, rent other products from us. For more information about which products these are, view the rental page.