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Transport containers are available in a wide variety of designs and are used where forklift trucks are too cumbersome. Storage containers are the ideal means of transport, especially for small parts that have to be transported through narrow office buildings or warehouses. That's why we offer new, used and modified models for loads of different sizes, weights and shapes.

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Transport container fixed construction stackable with acces ramp
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Transport container for electric pallet truck
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Various application options

Whether as a material cart with a sturdy construction, as a transport container with an electric forklift or an insulated transport box: with these models you can transport smaller or larger quantities of products from one place to another. The models can be used in almost any industry where a pallet truck would be too bulky. Goods in transport containers can be transported quickly and safely from A to B, especially outdoors and in building construction. This saves you unnecessary travel, deploys your staff more effectively and protects them from injury. Are you curious which storage container suits your company? Let our expert service team advise you independently.

Different types of transport containers

Kruizinga supplies in various designs and sizes. Especially in the transport container category, it is not easy to find the right model in relation to the needs of the company. Depending on the area of application, different versions are available in our shop. To help your company achieve the greatest possible success, we will therefore briefly explain the differences below.


Transport container with ramp

Transport using a lattice box is especially useful when transporting small goods or packages. The compact lattice frames ensure that nothing can fall out during transport and the steel construction provides the necessary stability. Thanks to the ramp, unloading is also made easier, so that goods that are difficult to move can also be loaded onto the transport container.


For electric pallet trucks

If you work in a warehouse and you often have to load bulky goods that do not fit on conventional pallets, then a transport rack for electric pallet trucks is perfect. Our models are all made of steel and have a load capacity of 1,000 kg, which means that no item should be too heavy. Otherwise, you can also contact us for a custom-made product.


Insulated shipping containers

As a further variant, we offer insulated transport containers that are stackable and designed for a load of up to 35 kg. All temperature-sensitive materials can be stored here at low cost. Think for example of drinks, food or sensitive machines such as pumps or switchgear.


Used/custom made: Our industrial transport containers

When buying transport containers, it is useful to think carefully about which model suits your own logistics. In addition, however, the price factor and the individual transport are also decisive. We have included a solution for both aspects in our offer. First of all, you will find ever-changing used transport containers with us, which have been considerably reduced in price. Since the range is constantly changing, it is worth taking a look at our store from time to time.

Furthermore, we naturally want to meet all the requirements of our customers. That is why we offer different storage containers for different industries and areas of application, which differ in shape, weight and price. If you are interested, ask about one of our products and a competent employee will contact you.


Efficient and ergonomic transport of goods

Transport boxes are an efficient and ergonomic way to transport goods. Here we have a few advantages for the use of transport boxes:


- Transport boxes are easy to move.

- Transport boxes protect the contents against damage during transport

- Transport boxes provide a more efficient workflow because they are easy to stack on top of each other


Buy transport container? Kruizinga helps you!

Our products are a long-term sustainable investment and offer you the best value for money with a long service life. If you have a transport container in mind, but you are not entirely sure whether it suits you, our specialists are ready to help. You can easily contact them.