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Protective profiles inexpensive to purchase at Kruizinga

A protective profile is a profile that ensures that, for example, corners, walls or posts are protected against impact. An accident is in a small corner. Especially when talking about employees who work with large and heavy materials in the warehouse. Protection profiles are available from Kruizinga as corner protection, edge protection, surface protection, pipe protection or wall protection.


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Different types of protection profiles

Kruizinga sells various protection profiles. Despite the fact that they are used for the same purpose, namely: protecting your wall, wall or post. In other words: keeping your logistics environment such as a warehouse beautiful. Below is a brief overview of the protection profiles.


Corner protection

Corner protection is probably known as shielding sharp edges such as the tip of a table. Yet corner protection is also common in warehouses, hospitals or, for example, the food industry. When used in the transportation world, it is called a transportation corner protector. You can buy a corner protection profile from Kruizinga in the material polyurethane foam. This material is intended for both low and high temperatures, namely from -40 degrees to +60 degrees.


Corner protectors come in the colors yellow/black. These striking colors ensure that the protective profiles stand out. Furthermore, corner protection is available in both a round shape and a more straight shape.


Edge protection, pipe protection and surface protection

Edge protection, pipe protection or surface protection are three different products that are very similar. These magazine protectors are also made of the strong material type polyurethane foam. If you have to describe edge protection, pipe protection or surface protection, you can describe it as a kind of ‘extra edge’ around something, i.e. it serves as a protective layer.


Wall protection and post protection

Wall protection and post protection is widely used in environments where people use carts, machines and vehicles. Wall protection is available from Kruizinga in various dimensions such as: 2060 mm x 150 mm or 2060 x 200 mm. Of course we at Kruizinga understand that it is important to keep a wall as attractive as possible. That is why we offer the following colours: white, black or grey.


Post protection, on the other hand, will protect posts in the working environment from bumps or scratches. For example, we have post protection in our range that is suitable for round columns and can be easily attached through the mounting holes. Post protection comes in the colors yellow/black. Due to the striking color, it can provide safety.


Buy protective profiles

Go to Kruizinga protective profiles, you know that you are buying from experts. Firstly, we have been a supplier of storage and transport equipment for more than 60 years, and it is also a great advantage that we also use safety and marking products when storing our goods. This way we know exactly what works for your business environment. Need help? Please contact us.