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The ideal load carrier at Kruizinga!

With hand trucks you can easily move or transport all kinds of goods such as boxes, tools or cleaning supplies without heavy lifting. This practical tool has a versatile loading surface with a high load capacity. At Kruizinga we have a diverse range of different types of hand pull carts.


Hand pull carts are also common in scouting clubs, campsites, parks or, for example, within the entertainment and event organization.


Want to know more about hand pull carts? Then read on below.


The hand trolley as an extremely sustainable means of transport   

Our hand trolleys are constructed from steel tubes which are finished with a powder coating, which makes the carts scratch resistant. The hand trucks also have a loading surface made of waterproof plywood. This way the carts can withstand moisture or water. This makes it a sustainable means of transport.


What types of hand pull carts are there?

Hand pull carts come in all shapes and sizes and have a high load capacity. Below is a list of the different versions:


  • - Hand truck with plastic container
  • - Hand truck with 4 walls
  • - Hand truck with open walls
  • - Hand truck with platform
  • - Hand truck with 2 short sides closed
  • - Hand truck with removable walls
  • -2-wheeled hand pull carts

A hand pull cart with a plastic container is very useful if you want to transport materials that cannot fall out. You can put it all in the removable plastic container. Do you want to transport heavy materials such as wooden plates or heavy boxes? Then it is best to opt for a hand truck with a platform. These carts can carry from 500 kg to 1250 kg.


Do you want to transport things on the bike? Then choose a hand truck with 2 wheels. With these hand pull carts you can purchase a bicycle coupling so that you can easily take the hand pull cart with you on the bike.


In short: there is a suitable hand truck for every application!


Want to buy a hand truck? Kruizinga helps you!

Would you like to buy a hand truck, but you don't know which hand truck suits you best? No problem! Our specialists are ready to help you make the right choice when it comes to buying a hand truck. You can easily contact using the contact details on the contact page. At Kruizinga you are always guaranteed the right price/quality ratio.


What is a hand truck?

A hand truck is a practical solution for moving goods without heavy lifting. It is a cart with a handle that makes it easy to pull the cart with you.

What can you transport with a hand truck?

With a hand truck you can transport everything , from large to small material. However, it is important that you do not exceed the maximum load capacity.

Does Kruizinga also have used hand pull carts?

At Kruizinga it is also possible to purchase used goods. These are first checked if they are not broken. After they have been checked, they are photographed in our own studio. Do you want to buy a used hand truck? Then you can filter this yourself on the left side of the website under article classification. Is there currently no used listed? Then the used hand pull carts are temporarily gone. As soon as new stock is available, you will see this appear on the left side of the website under the heading “used”.

What is the difference between a hand truck and a hand truck?

There is no difference between a hand truck or hand truck, both names are used for the same product.