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Professionally and securely store auto parts.

Kruizinga's commercial auto parts warehouses allow you to safely store a wide range of auto parts for your business. Their storage requires great care, because especially sensitive goods such as painted body parts, must remain undamaged.

With our customized storage structures, you can also store bulky goods in a space-saving manner. Whether packed goods, body parts, tires or rims - with storage technology from Kruizinga, you make the right choice!


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Professional custom storage for auto parts

Storing auto parts requires a high degree of customization. Kruizinga's commercial vehicle parts warehouses are therefore fully customized. You can choose from systems with one or several floors, different sizes, lengths and different construction methods. Some of the products you can store with our systems are the following:


- Tires
- Small parts
- Engine covers
- Car doors
- Bodywork
- Long goods


Wide range in storage racks for automotive parts which are available in various types of designs which can be moved by forklift for example. Whether you want to store a specific type of part, or have a rack designed to accommodate different car parts, we can help.


Buying car storage parts? Kruizinga thinks with you!

Our products are a sustainable long-term investment and are guaranteed to give you the best value for money at a long service life. To ensure that you purchase the right model for your business, our specialists are also at your service. You can easily contact them. We are happy to help.


What is an auto parts warehouse?

An auto parts warehouse is a structure with 1 or more floors on which you can store and transport your goods from A to B. Especially in workshops and warehouses, customized storage systems are very popular, because the efficient design saves on labor and space and is precisely tailored to your needs.

What can you use an auto parts warehouse for?

You can use an auto parts warehouse for a variety of purposes.

Whether you want to store bulky, large goods, such as a complete body, or need a storage rack for various small parts, thanks to individual production, the products are precisely tailored to the industry. Some application areas include dealerships, auto repair shops, distribution centers or suppliers.

Does Kruizinga also store used auto parts?

At Kruizinga you will not get a used auto parts storage rack, because all our products are custom made. If you would like more information about the manufacturing process or request a price estimate, please contact our knowledgeable staff.

Does Kruizinga offer any other useful transportation and storage products?

At Kruizinga, we have many other products in our range. Especially in your warehouse and on paved outdoor areas, one of the following products can come in handy: side trolley, file trolley, CC trolley, hand trolley, platform trolley or cantilever trolley. Otherwise, take a look at our rack configurator if you only want to store smaller products.