Storage bin plastic

Storage bin plastic -

Plastic storage bins. Indispensable in every warehouse!

Kruizinga sells a diverse range of storage bins, shelving bins and sorting bins made of plastic, which are suitable for many applications. The bins are available in many shapes, sizes and colours. Both new and used. The plastic storage bins are always stackable, making them ideal for storing materials.

Due to its light weight, plastic shelving bins are ideal for storing screws, bolts, nuts and other small items and parts. At the bottom you have space to stick a label with product code

Smart choices

Advantages of a plastic storage bin

A plastic storage bin has several advantages. You can optimally organize your warehouse with plastic storage bins. The benefits you can think of are:

- Plastic storage bins are ideal for small goods
- You can easily stack storage bins on top of each other
- Plastic storage bins are available in different sizes
- Storage bins with grab openings are useful for grab stock
- Order and overview in your warehouse


Different types of storage bins

Our range of storage bins consists of both new and used. The plastic storage bins are almost all food safe, making them suitable for sterile environments and within the food industry. The storage bins are available with a grab opening, closed walls, foldable, with dividers or in combination with a wall panel or our type 55 shelving rack. A number of different types are explained below.


Stackable and collapsible storage bins

At Kruizinga, almost all our storage bins are stackable. We also have collapsible storage bins in our range. Our buildable storage bins are widely used for stock of small materials or service parts. Because the bins are collapsible, they do not take up any unnecessary space when you do not need them.


Storage bins with a grab opening

Plastic grab bins are part of the standard storage bins. The grab opening in a storage bin makes the contents clearly visible and easy to reach. These bins are often used within order picking locations and are always stackable. It is also possible to purchase these bins in combination with a wall panel or shelf rack.


Fully closed storage bins

The fully enclosed storage bins are made of polypropylene and are resistant to most oils, acids and alkalis. The bins are temperature-resistant from -20 °C to +80 °C, have a window at the front and a special bottom that dampens noise on conveyor belts.


Shelving bins

Shelving bins make it easy to sort small parts or tools. This gives you structured and safe storage in your racks. Our shelf boxes are available in different sizes.


Accessories for storage bins

Would you like to tailor your storage bins even better to your own wishes? This is possible with various accessories. For example, you can purchase a wall panel to attach the storage bins to and we offer labels so that you can see at a glance what is stored in the storage bins. You can use dividers to divide the storage bins as desired. Use a shelf rack to create an orderly storage rack. With the above accessories you can easily create a well-organized working environment.