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Protect your floor with drip tray racks

Drip tray racks are an important part of a warehouse design where fluids are handled. Drip tray racks protect against leaks and damage when moving liquids and products. At Kruizinga you can buy drip tray racks and racks for drip trays that are strong and durable.


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Advantages of drip tray racks

Rip tray racks have many advantages. They not only protect the floor, but also the products and liquids on/in the rack. This reduces the risk of damage and the cost of repairing the floor. In addition, they are easy to move and clean, making them very practical for daily use.


Applications of drip tray racks

Drip tray racks can be used in different environments. Think of warehouses, production and processing facilities, garages and transport companies. In addition, they are ideal for storing liquids such as oil, fuel and chemical products. They are also suitable for collecting leaks and transporting products over a floor that must be protected against damage.

It is important to take into account the dimensions and capacity of a drip tray rack when you are looking for one. In addition, you also need to decide whether you want to buy a metal or plastic shelving unit. At Kruizinga you can choose from a wide range of drip tray racks, so you can always find a product that meets your specific needs. Would you like more information about drip tray racks or do you need help with your choice? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists.


Drip tray rack buy

Kruizinga is the supplier you can trust when it comes to quality drip tray racks. With us you buy strong, affordable and durable racks. You can also count on our excellent customer service and fast delivery. Choose drip tray racks from Kruizinga today and protect your floor and products against damage and leaks.


Does Kruizinga rent drip tray racks?

At the moment it is not possible to rent drip tray racks from Kruizinga. Would you like to know more about our rental range? Take a quick look at our rental page.