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Easy and simple order picking with order picking carts at Kruizinga!

Order picking carts are indispensable for internal transport and are ideal when orders have to be picked and transported regularly in warehouses or workshops.


Order picking trolleys are constructed of steel tubes and steel floors. Supplied with push handles and rubber braked wheels. The advantage of braked wheels is that the cart can easily move over different surfaces. In addition, the push handles are the handles so that people can easily move the cart.


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Are there specific industries/sectors where order picking trolleys are used?

Order picking trolleys are mainly used in industries and sectors where it is used to pick orders. Such as workshops, warehouses, wholesalers or distribution centers. In addition, they can also be used as a display in, for example, supermarkets or in retail.


Which types of order picking trolleys does Kruizinga know?

Kruizinga knows various types of order picking trolleys, including the trolleys with 2 push handles, rubber wheels with brakes, order picking trolleys with or without steps, different levels and various materials such as wood or steel. The push handles make the carts easy to move and the rubber wheels make it easy to move the cart over different surfaces.


Situations where order picking carts are used

Order picking trolleys are essential for a smooth order picking process and are often used for internal transport and order picking within warehouses and workshops.


Accessories and accessories

An order picking trolley has various accessories and attachments. For example, it can be combined well with a chalkboard, bottle holder, scanner holder, shelves, extra rail wheel, drawbars and coupling, folding stairs, partitions or a rear wall.


Quality buy an order picking trolley?

Looking for a high-quality order picking trolley? Then you have come to the right place. At Kruizinga we have modular order picking trolleys of excellent quality that can be arranged as desired by means of the various accessories as discussed above. The specific advantage of these carts compared to a standard order picking cart is that these carts are constructed from separate modules. This ensures flexibility and applicability in every industry and working environment. The carts are made of steel tubes and also contain a steel bottom. Are you over it? Then order them by clicking on the desired product and then clicking on the order button.


What is the delivery time of an order picking trolley?

The delivery time of an order picking trolley depends on the supplier. Our order picking carts are sent from a supplier and we therefore do not have them in stock. It is therefore possible that the product is available within 8 working days, but this can also take longer. When you navigate to our website you can see this on the basis of the dots. This is indicated with dots when you go to the product on our website.

Which order picking trolley is best in my situation?

Would you like to know which order picking trolley is best for you to use? in your situation? Our specialists are ready to help you further and give you the right advice.

What is the maximum load capacity of an order picking trolley?

The maximum load capacity of an order picking trolley differs per type.
There are already those that start with a maximum load capacity of 200 kg and there are also order picking trolleys with a maximum load capacity of size no less than 300 kg.