Instrument case - instrument case

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Lightweight aluminum instrument cases, Perfect for transporting sensitive electronics, precious metals, sports equipment, telecommunications equipment, precious Hifi components, laptops and musical instruments. At Kruizinga you can find high quality instrument cases made from durable materials such as aluminum.

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Advantages of instrument cases

Aluminum instrument cases have several advantages. Consider:

- They are strong
- Light weight
- Offer excellent protection against shock, dust and moisture.


In addition, they are resistant to water and dust, making them great for use in a variety of weather conditions.

Applications of instrument cases

Instrument cases are suitable for many applications. Whether you are looking for a solution to transport musical instruments, electronic devices, medical instrument or tools, at Kruizinga you will find the perfect solution for your needs.

Choice aid instrument cases

When choosing an instrument case, it is important to consider the size, weight and type of instrument to be protected. In addition to our instrument case, we also sell Pyramid foam for inside the case. This will protect your instruments even better! Need help? Then contact our specialists.

Buying an instrument case

With a Kruizinga instrument case, you choose for quality, durability and protection of your valuable instruments. In addition, at Kruizinga you benefit from excellent service and the most competitive price. Buy your aluminum case now and protect your instruments effectively and stylishly.


Can I buy used instrument cases at Kruizinga?

Because our used instrument range is constantly changing, it may be that one day we have used instrument cases in the range and the next day we do not. Do you want to know more about products with the label used? Check out our used page.