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Transport carts in all shapes and sizes

Transport trolley, an excellent means of transport for small materials, boxes or production waste. That is why they are often used in environments such as production halls, distribution centers or order picking environments. The trolleys are supplied as standard with fixed and swivel wheels, which makes the transport trolley very mobile in use. All Fetra transport carts have an EU standard EN 1757-3 safety standard.

At we have various versions of transport carts in our range.
Curious about the different versions and how to choose the right transport cart? Then read on

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Box carts transport trolley 1 flap at 1 long side
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Transport trolleys: versatile and practical

Transport trolleys can be used in many ways. You can transport anything with it, as long as you don't exceed the payload. The fixed and swivel wheels allow you to move easily, which makes the transport cart very practical. Thanks to the closed walls, it is an excellent means of transport where the load can be protected against fall or impact damage. A number of other advantages are, for example, that you have an easy view of your load with a transport cart with a mesh wall. And by means of the flap you can easily load and unload the cart.


How do you choose the right transport cart?

At Kruizinga we have different versions of transport carts. You can think of the following versions:


- With removable walls
- All walls closed
- Profiled cheeks
- Mesh walls
- 3 walls with 1 flap on 1 long side
- With lid and flap
- With sliding closure


Consider in advance what you want to use the trolley for. Do you want to transport heavy goods? Then it is important to look at the load capacity of the cart. The maximum load capacity offered by Kruizinga is 600 kg. You can also easily filter on this by selecting the “load capacity” to the desired number of kg. Do you want to transport goods such as small items that can easily fall out? Then choose a closed transport cart.


The ergonomic advantages

The correct way of lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling is very important when it comes to ergonomics. If not done properly, it can be harmful to your health. When pushing you can use your entire body weight and relieve your shoulders. Pushing is also less tiring for your body. Our transport trolleys generally have a push handle and the fixed and swivel castors make it easy to push away. Because the transport trolleys are easy to push, you put as little strain on your body as possible. This is much nicer for employees, and better for your body.


Buy a transport cart? Kruizinga is ready for you!

Buy a transport trolley at! At you are guaranteed a sustainable investment with a long lifespan with the best price/quality ratio.  Would you like to buy a transport cart, but are you not quite sure which transport cart best suits your activities? Then contact our specialists, they are ready to answer all your questions and help you with your choice.


Is a transport cart not the right solution for you? still supplies many different types of warehouse trolleys such as side trolleys, order picking trolleys, shelved trolleys, long material trolleys, stainless steel platform trolleys or hand pull trolleys. 


What is a barrow?

A barrow is a vehicle intended to transport goods. Transport carts ensure an efficient way of working. Due to the closed shape of the trolley, there is less chance of loose goods falling out.

Can you also rent a transport trolley?

At you can rent various products. But you cannot (at the moment) rent a transport cart.

Does Kruizinga also have used transport carts?

At we used different types of transport carts. Our used transport carts are first checked whether they are still intact. We take the photos on the site ourselves in our own studio, so you always have an honest picture of the product.

Do you want to buy a used transport cart? Then you can filter this on the left side of the website under article classification. Is there currently no used listed? Then the used transport vehicles are temporarily used up. As soon as new stock arrives on location, you will immediately see a heading “used” on the left side. appear.

Does Kruizinga have other trolleys that are useful in a warehouse?

At Kruizinga we also have other trolleys that are very useful in a warehouse. You can think of Think of cc wagon, order picking trolley, file trolley, support arm trolley