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Pallet trucks, also known as hand pallet trucks or pump trucks, are an indispensable means of transport in any warehouse. It is a real powerhouse that makes internal transport easier. Pump motions lift the pallet off the ground and then move it. These tools allow employees to work more safely and efficiently with heavy goods. It also ensures that they do less physical work, which has a positive impact on physical health.

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What different types are there?

A pump truck or a pallet truck can come in different designs and sizes. At Kruizinga, we have a diverse range of pallet trucks. Before you want to buy a pallet truck, you should think carefully about the application for which you want to use the pallet truck. Below, we briefly explain the differences:


Hand pallet truck

A hand pallet truck is a pallet truck that can be propelled by its own power. They are indispensable for internal transport. Do you want to move goods over short distances and are the goods not too heavy? Then a hand pallet truck is ideal. Our hand pallet trucks are available in various sizes, from 800 mm fork length to as much as 2500 mm fork length.


Highlifter, also known as a scissor lift, is a pallet truck that can lift even further than an ordinary pump truck. Using a pump, the pallet truck can be raised, allowing you to easily pick pallets from a height.

With a highlifter, you can lift loads of 1,000 kg up to 800 mm high.


Mobile lift table

A mobile lift table is used to raise heavy goods and pallets to an ergonomic working height. At Kruizinga, we have various models of mobile lift tables. From load capacities of 150 kg to as much as 1000 kg. The advantages of a movable lift table are: reduced back problems and improved productivity.



Stacker trucks help you transport and lift pallets and goods. At Kruizinga, we have manual stackers in our range. We have hydraulic stackers and stackers with hand winch. A stacker truck is a type of forklift truck that ensures that your employees can work ergonomically. The applications of a stacker truck can vary, from placing products in racks to loading trucks.


However, a stacker truck may only be operated by an authorised person who holds a certificate.


Pallet truck with weighing system

Do you need to weigh goods regularly? Then a pallet truck with a weighing system is perfect for you! This pallet truck allows you to read how heavy your load weighs on the screen on the pallet truck with weighing system and does not require a separate scale. These pallet trucks have a load capacity of up to 2000 kg!


What should you look out for when buying a pump truck?

If you want to buy a pump truck, there are a number of aspects to consider. For example, some pump trucks require a certificate. It is also useful to know what you want to use the pump truck for. Do you only want to transport pallets from A to B? Then an ordinary hand pallet truck will do. Do you need to move pallets upwards? Then opt for a stacker truck.


Want to buy a pallet truck? Kruizinga can help you!

Do you want to buy a pallet truck but are not quite sure which model suits you best? No problem, our specialists are always ready to answer your questions and help you make the right choice. You are guaranteed a sustainable investment with the best quality/price ratio with a long lifespan. Feel free to contact us.


What is a pallet truck?

A pallet truck is a pump truck that allows you to easily transport pallets, transport boxes or gitterboxes using the two forks. Easy to operate, maintain and use.

What is the difference between a pallet truck and a pump truck?

There is no difference between a pallet truck and a pump truck. Both names mean the same thing.

How does a pump truck work?

With a pump truck, you can lift a pallet or transport boxes off the ground with a few pumping movements, allowing you to move them easily.

Does Kruizinga also have used pallet trucks?

Besides new pallet trucks, it is also possible to buy a used pallet truck from Kruizinga. These are available in various versions and the range changes constantly.

Can you also rent a pallet truck?

Do you need a pallet truck for a short period of time? Then renting a pallet truck is a good solution. Check our pallet truck hire page to see which pallet trucks you can hire.

Does Kruizinga have other handy products for in a warehouse?

At Kruizinga, we have a very diverse range including many useful products for your warehouse. You can think of pallets, roll containers, warehouse trolleys, etc.