Storage pallet for construction industry Type Scaffolding pallet

Storage pallet for construction industry -

Build storage pallets and scaffolding pallets for sale at Kruizinga

Easily arrange storage and transport of building materials or scaffolding materials with our storage pallets and scaffolding pallets. Our stacking pallets can be stacked efficiently via a fixed construction or variable storage in height with loose stanchions.

The storage pallets are easy to pick up with a forklift truck or pallet truck and are often equipped with lifting eyes for fixed construction pallets. Complete your purchase with our range of lifting chains or lashing straps.

How to choose a mobile storage rack?

With the number of storage solutions available, it is important to understand what this somewhat unusual storage pallet is for. A stackable metal pallet of this type generally consists of:


- A tray or bar on which the goods are placed

- Four short pillars or barriers that form a frame to keep the objects in place

- Four legs to facilitate transport with a pallet truck


One of the most important criteria to consider is the size of your mobile storage rack, such as a single manurack. You must choose a rack that is large enough to store your packages or boxes in a warehouse. The material of your storage solution, similar to a steel pallet box, must also be strong enough to bear the weight of the load and have a long service life. This is one of the reasons why this type of mobile storage rack is often made of steel. In addition, it is possible to stack each shelf foot on top of each other to create a real storage rack.


Buy construction storage pallets at Kruizinga

In Kruizinga's online catalog you will find many storage solutions for your company, such as construction storage pallets but also stacking racks, pallets, gitter boxes and more. This way you can organize your warehouse in the best conditions and you can work with peace of mind knowing that your goods are perfectly stored on your mobile storage racks.